Gimmick Consultancy

Gimmick IT Support

Gimmick Consultancy is a one-stop solution for all your IT hardware and software support needs. We help you optimize your system functionality and operational efficiency, through an innovative approach and deliver outstanding product solution, excellent customer service and great value addition for all our clients. Rest easy and let us handle all your support needs of

IT Infrastructure - We provide you with prompt & desired solution & increased productivity by helping you fully leverage on your existing organisation's technology.

Smart Automation - Our objective of enabling a secure and comfortable lifestyle for the urban Indian owners. Our solution handles all your appliances from a single screen.

Telecom Network - To enable global organizations create seamless networks, we works closely with telecom service providers to develop optimal solutions aimed at reduced operating costs and significant improvements in efficiency and connectivity.

Surveillance & Security - We have expertise to design, build and maintain Surveillance Solution for all Scenarios

Mobile Application Development - We provide product engineering services in the mobile domain and create cutting edge innovative products and services for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry and phone Platform.

Software Application Development - We provide customized software applications catering to specific needs of organizations.